2f) Lesson Two – Summary & Homework

In this lesson, I’ve described how to find places that might be haunted. Newspaper reports, local legends, ghost hunting groups, and ghost tours are just a few good resources.

I’ve also suggested ways you can fact-check ghost stories. Some tales will be just urban legends. But, when they’re true, historical research can enhance your ghost hunting experiences.

If you know exactly where certain events happened — which area of the park, or which room in the building — you can focus your initial investigation there.

If you know related dates, such as the anniversary of a tragedy, your research on that date may be far more productive than on other days.

Finding a haunted site is great, but it’s just the first step. Your pre-investigation research can make a huge difference in your success as a ghost hunter.

Recommended homework

These steps are optional, but they can help your progress as a ghost hunter.

1. Identify two or three possibly haunted places near your home, school or workplace.

2. List them in your ghost hunting journal, if you’re keeping one.

3. Choose one location and research its history before your investigation at the site.

Find out as much as you can about the site, its history and evidence for the ghost stories. Search online, and visit at least one offline resource (historical society, public library) Look for additional information that may support (or debunk) the site’s stories.

4. With a friend or two, visit the location in the daytime. Check for any hazards or concerns, identify the spots that interest you the most, and see if there’s any evidence of hauntings.

5. Locate at least one ghost hunting group in your area. Search at Google, etc., using the name of your city or town, plus the words “ghost hunting.” If that doesn’t work, try your county name and the words “ghost hunting.” If that still doesn’t help, try your state or regional name, and the words “ghost hunting.”

6. If you don’t find a local group, or none of them are right for you, ask friends if they’d be interested in ghost hunting at dusk or later.  (Even if you’re going ghost hunting with a group, bring a friend along.  Then, you’ll have a second opinion about the location… and about the ghost hunting group.)

7. If you have enough people — and collective expertise — to try a ghost hunt, choose a well-known haunted site (a place that’s open to the public) and visit it shortly before dusk. (This will probably be the location you visited in step 4, above.)

Take this week’s homework seriously. Don’t rush through it. If it takes you more than a week, that’s okay. This course isn’t graded and it isn’t a race. Do your best with these recommendations, and get the most out of each lesson.

When you’re ready, continue to your next lesson: Part Three

2 thoughts on “2f) Lesson Two – Summary & Homework”

  1. Already have group, have some eqip, have done heavy research on the items still to aquire. No active groups here. Have already done a couple of exploratory trips. Beginning deep research on one, one without research.

    Taking several courses on line, free and paid, knowledge is power. Haha! I feel the credibility that certifications offer will be a comfort to folks needing help as well. Also want to take this all the way, good info from experienced sources will give us a basis for a professional polish.

    Have a journal started now. Two, eqip research and reviews.

    Fortunate because aunt is retired reference librarian, now working at geneology library on our family (and general for others.) Also very interested in the paranormal. Very helpful.

    Planning next summers vacay around confrence, adding a couple of overnight hunts in In. Mi. area.

    I appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into all this for the benefit of others.

    Thank you.


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