Course Conclusion – Congratulations!

This course included lots of information and many issues to think about.

Don’t feel like you have to decide anything today, this week, or even this month. Don’t rush into anything. Take your ghost hunting adventures one step at a time.

After a few investigations, you may decide that ghost hunting is more fun to read about or watch on TV.

Many people do. Don’t feel as if you’ve failed.

In real life, it’s not that exciting to sit for hours in a damp basement, a mosquito infested battlefield, or a bone chilling cemetery, especially when nothing seems to be happening.

At the other extreme, if something terrifying happens, you may wonder why any sane person gets involved in ghost hunting.

After you’ve been on about a dozen or so informal ghost hunts, you’ll have a better basis for deciding what’s next.

You have many options. You can join a group, start your own group, or work independently in this field.

I’ve been involved in paranormal research for over 40 years now, and — for me — it’s still an adventure. I look forward to every investigation.

I wish you great luck and many fascinating discoveries as you explore the worlds of ghosts and haunted places.

Now that you’ve completed the Introduction to Ghost Hunting Course, I hope it’s been helpful.

Also, I hope you’ve had some interesting experiences, learning about ghosts and encountering them in real life.

If you have suggestions to improve this course, contact me at, to let me know.

If you enjoyed this course — and I hope you did — please let others know about it.

And now, your certificate…


You may now download and print your Certificate of Completion.

Add your name to the certificate, and it’s ready to frame.

Click here for your certificate. (That’s a Google Drive link.)

Thank you for your interest in ghost hunting and paranormal research. I hope we’ll meet someday, at an event or on an investigation.


Fiona Broome


2 thoughts on “Course Conclusion – Congratulations!”

  1. It has taken me 6 weeks to finish this course. I have done all the readings recommened and others. This has been a highly educational course and I have a good basic understanding of paranormal research to build upon. Thank you so much.


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