3e) Lesson Three Homework


amityville horror houseYou’ve almost completed this course. You’re about to start the fourth (and final) lesson in the Introduction to Ghost Hunting course, and then download your certificate of completion.

The following steps are recommended but not required.   Some of them are from this lesson.  Others review techniques and skills you learned earlier.

They will improve your skills as a beginning ghost hunter.

1. For a minimum of three mornings, check your mood, energy, physical health, etc., and jot notes in your ghost hunting journal.

2. Identify one or more friends who will go ghost hunting with you.

3. Select a day, time, and location for your first ghost hunt.

4. Research the site, online and at the public library.   Confirm as much as you can about the site’s history and folklore.

5. Visit the site in daylight. Remember to do a quick baseline check to see how you feel before arriving at the site, and after you leave it.

6. Stay at (or return to) the site around dusk. (If it’s a return visit, run another baseline check on your emotions, sensitivity, energy levels, and so on, when you arrive.)

7. Observe. This means noticing what’s around you, as well as how it affects your mood and how you feel, physically.

8. Leave when you start to feel stressed, frightened, bored, or tired… or when the site closes, whichever comes first.

9. Record your experiences — in your ghost hunting journal (paper or digital) or with a voice recorder — as soon as possible.

10. The next day, review your notes and any evidence from the visit. Add your current thoughts and observations to your notes.

In the next lesson, we’ll talk about:

  • Ghost hunting groups and how to evaluate them.
  • How to spot a scam.
  • How to start your own ghost hunting team or informal group, so you can call on friends for investigations.
Once you’ve completed the lessons so far, it’s time for Lesson Four

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