2a) How to Find Haunted Places

Eastern State PenitentaryIt’s usually easy to find good places for ghost hunting. Ask your friends, and people who’ve grown up in the area.

(However, remember that some people don’t like to talk about ghosts and haunted places. They think that it’s ‘bad luck’ or it’s against their religious beliefs.  If the person seems unhappy with the topic, drop it immediately.)

Most people are happy to talk — and joke — about ghosts, ghost-related TV shows, and haunted places they know about.  If encouraged, they might share their own story about a ghostly encounter, too.

Start the conversation with TV shows

Many ghost-related TV shows are popular now, so that’s usually the best place to start. Focus on any popular ghost TV show you’ve seen.

Ask, ‘Do you watch the Ghost Hunters TV show?’ (A lot of people have watched that or Ghost Adventures.)

If the person replies with a firm or icy ‘No’, drop the subject.

If the person has watched the show, you can ask if they’ve ever heard of a haunted place nearby. (If they seem interested, ask if they’d like to explore a few haunted places with you, so you don’t go ghost hunting alone.)

At Halloween

Jack o'LanternsThe week before Halloween, almost every local newspaper runs a story related to a local, haunted place. This gives you several opportunities to learn about haunted places.

Ask your friends if the location an the article is really haunted. Ask if they’ve ever heard of other haunted places nearby. Chances are, they’ll remember other spooky locations, or know someone with a haunted house.

Visit the place that was mentioned by the newspaper. The best time to visit – besides Halloween – is during a weekend afternoon. Other people are likely to be there, looking for evidence of ghosts. In my experience, those people are likely to be chatty and know a few other local places that are haunted. Take notes!

(Also ask if they know any local ghost hunting groups, and if those groups are good.)

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