Intro Course – 1d) Protection

The only thing that I suggest for a new ghost hunter is some sort of spiritual protection. In case you’re in a frightening situation, it’s smart to feel protected and reassured.

You might carry garlic, a Bible, a pentacle, blessed salt, a religious medal or jewelry, or even your “lucky socks.”

Generally, ghost hunters carry something small or unobtrusive.

(In other words, be considerate. Don’t flaunt your religious beliefs.  There’s a time and place for religious debates. A ghost investigation isn’t one of them.)

I usually carry a small symbol of my personal spirituality, and one of the medals that demonologist Father Andrew Calder had with him during an event where we were both speakers.

Sometimes, people ask me what to use if they’re Atheists or don’t believe in spiritual protection.

That’s difficult to answer. In frightening situations, I’ve seen people change dramatically.

One moment, they’re calm and logical, even skeptical.

The next, they’re frantic for assurances that everything is okay.

If you think anything might have protective powers or be a source of comfort, bring it with you.

This could be a swatch from your childhood “cuddle blanket,” a photo of your favorite grandmother, or an MP3 of traditional hymns or Broadway tunes.

(For me, it’s oldies by the Beach Boys, or something sweeping by The Chieftains. Or, because my humor is a little weird, Andy Grammer’s “It’s Good to Be Alive.”)

It’s not so much what you carry, as your belief that it helps if things turn truly terrifying during an investigation.

Now, take the next step to your first real ghost hunt:

Author: Fiona Broome

Author and paranormal researcher,best known for ghost and faerie research and alternate history studies.

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